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The challenges faced by service commissioning authorities are as diverse as those who use the service. To reflect this diversity, CuraGuard has been designed to fit a wide range of service models rather than attempting to define a one size fits all solution.

9 MILLION daily overspend across all NHS providers

This means putting in place new models of care in which care is much more integrated than at present. These developments sit within the context of an average daily overspend across all NHS providers running at around £9 million.

The NHS five year forward view, published in 2014 by NHS England and other national NHS bodies, sets out a shared view of how services need to change and what models of care will be required in the future.

Its key arguments are that much more attention should be given to prevention and public health; patients should have far greater control of their own care; and barriers in how care is provided should be broken down.

CuraGuard’s round the clock real time monitoring enables health and social care services to offer a timely, rapid and informed response. Significant numbers of patients occupying hospital beds could be cared for in other settings if suitable services are available and can be accessed easily.

CuraGuard gives providers immediate and continuous access to the patients’ temperature, activity level and heart rate in any location, allowing the most appropriate resources to be directed at the appropriate time and location.

The frequency and intensity of monitoring can also be varied remotely at any time, ensuring the best balance of data quality and quantity. Combining this functionality with CuraGuard’s predictive analysis capabilities produces a robust, intelligent and highly flexible remote monitoring solution.


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Why introduce CuraGuard home monitoring service into your residential or care home?

  • Clinicians can build digital health services for any area of care and of any size
  • CuraGuard improves monitoring, highlighting any deterioration of health and enabling early intervention, and reducing non-elective secondary care admissions and time spent in hospital
  • CuraGuard promotes integration with other clinical systems, improving coordination between care homes and the NHS and allowing the effective use of specialised community nursing teams
  • Instant access to data means better informed choice and decision-making
  • The system promotes earlier hospital discharge and reduces delayed transfer of care, giving clinicians the confidence that a patients needs will be met within the care home setting
  • CuraGuard encourages the patient to become involved in the management of and actively