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CuraGuard in residential homes or nursing care

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Increasingly, residential homes and care facilities are playing a vital role in helping to deal with mounting pressures and the growing demands of an ageing population. CuraGuard has developed a digital care home service that enable care homes to prevent avoidable hospital admissions and reduce delayed transfer of care with confidence.

Our digital care home service coordinates the monitoring of blood pressure, temperature, weight, heart rate and oxygen intake. CuraGuard can monitor residents with a variety of conditions including chronic heart failure, undernutrition, diabetes and atrial fibrillation. Our service acts as an early warning system, highlighting changes in health which may otherwise go unnoticed.

FallProtect will alert your staff immediately in the event of a resident suffering a fall, allowing you to get to them in those precious minutes, even seconds after they fall, with obvious benefits for their wellbeing and the outcomes you can provide for them.

You can also use CuraGuard to keep residents’ significant others best informed about the health and wellbeing of their loved one* in real time, clearly demonstrating the transparent quality of service being received.


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  • CuraGuard improves the visibility of residents health, acting as an early warning system and highlighting any deterioration of health early
  • Our digital home care solution provides improved monitoring, enabling timely intervention and reducing non-elective secondary care admissions and time spent in hospital
  • CuraGuard promotes integration with other clinical systems, improving coordination between care homes and the NHS and allowing the effective use of specialised community nursing teams
  • Instant access to data means informed choices and better decisions can be made so improving outcomes
  • The system supports earlier hospital discharge and reduces delayed transfer of care, giving clinicians the confidence that a patients needs will be met within the care home setting
  • CuraGuard encourages the patient to become involved in the management of and actively contribute to their own care.