Health monitoring solutions 24 hours per day at home or away

At home or away

health monitoring solutions

CuraGuard offers great flexibility, functionality and connectivity, facilitating its use in a wide range of settings. Originally envisaged as a product to enable earlier discharge for older people from primary care settings, CuraGuard’s sensor package allows more timely discharge, by providing health professionals with real time information about an individual’s vital signs from any location at any time.

Curaguard at Home

The safety net offered by CuraGuard allows you to carry on with your everyday life knowing that you are being protected 24 hours a day.

Residential or Nursing Care

CuraGuard can help you to ensure the best outcomes for residents though the day and overnight, continually monitoring their heart rate and temperature, plus much more.

For Service Commissioners

CuraGuard’s round the clock real time monitoring enables health and social care services to offer a timely, rapid and informed response.

For those with long term or chronic health conditions, remaining at home safely for as long as possible is a desire that can be challenging to achieve. CuraGuard’s real time information capture and its ability to track subtle patterns of change in heart rate and temperature can enable early detection and treatment of changing conditions, greatly reducing the likelihood of emergency admissions and long stays in hospital.

In combination with FallProtect, CuraGuard offers a comprehensive suite of features that will help you or a loved one to remain where you want to be, at home, with confidence that if you need help, someone will know and help is on its way.

What is Curaguard?

Watch this short video to see how curaguard can help remotely monitor and measure an individual’s vital signs, whether they are at home, on the move or in a clinical or residential environment.