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Anytime, anywhere

Our independence is not something that any of us want to give up easily. We want to continue living in our own home and enjoying life to the full for as long as possible. But at some point our health will not be as robust as it once was and dictates that we need a little help, confidence that should we find ourselves in distress or in need of assistance someone is watching over us.

Our vital signs self-monitoring system uses simple technology to proactively monitor patients remotely. Patients who need continuous monitoring can use the device to measure their blood pressure, temperature, weight, heart rate and oxygen intake continuously without having to travel to clinic or clinicians having to visit them to collect simple readings.

Curaguard is simple to set up and use, so wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, the system will relay the information in real-time to whoever you’ve chosen – family, friends, doctors, or other healthcare professionals. So if readings fall outside of the pre-set parameters, an alert is generated to the appropriate care team to make a timely intervention if necessary.

In addition to real-time monitoring of your vital signs, Curaguard’s dynamic dashboard provides access to historic data, allowing comparison of vital signs over time, an invaluable resource for identifying and keeping track of emerging patterns of health.

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Somebody to watch over you 24/7.

Powered by real- time monitoring and dashboard access, Curaguard keeps watch over you around the clock and informs family, friends and healthcare professionals if you need their help.

We ask everyone protected by CuraGuard to let us know their age, known medical conditions and how active they are. We can then build a picture of what their normal heart rate and temperature should be. We add this to the patterns your vital signs make over time, enabling us to let someone know if your vital signs are varying excessively, change wildly out of pattern or beyond pre-agreed parameters.

Our call centre staff watch for alerts 24 hours per day. In the event of an alert being generated, we will contact you to establish your immediate condition. If we cannot contact you, we will try to contact those near and dear to you in order from a pre-agreed list. Only when we are sure that you are safe and that your support network is responding will the alert will be concluded.

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Always there to help

At whatever age, we can all do with a reminder now and then. A note stuck on the fridge, a message left on your answerphone, a text or an email. But when it comes to your health, a quick reminder can prevent you from feeling unwell, avoid a trip to the hospital or even save your life.

Reminders have been developed to send audible, visual and haptic notifications for medication, appointments, blood sugar checks or any other event you choose to add to the schedule. These may be recurring, daily, on specific days, or even as a one-off.

The range of communication methods means the medication reminder service works for all, including those with a disability, low technical skills or those not on the internet. Reminders can be added, edited or removed at any time by authorised users.

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Someone to catch you

Unlike many other fall alert systems, Curaguard does not require an individual to report an event by pressing an alert button, instead automatically sensing the fall and automatically alerting a CuraGuard operative, ensuring an immediate response even if the patient is incapacitated.

To do so, it employs an accelerometer and three-dimensional gyroscopes It remotely monitors the individual, detects and measures any sudden change of movement and immediately reports the incident to our 24/7 monitoring centre. The operator will then attempt to make contact with you and if unsuccessful, will alert the other registered emergency contacts for a timely intervention.
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