Somebody to watch over you 24/7.

Powered by CuraMonitor’s real- time vital sign recording and dashboard access, CuraAlert keeps watch over you around the clock and informs family, friends and healthcare professionals if you need their help.

We ask everyone protected by CuraGuard to let us know their age, known medical conditions and how active they are. We can then build a picture of what their normal heart rate and temperature should be. We add this to the patterns your vital signs make over time, enabling CuraAlert to let someone know if your vital signs are varying excessively, change wildly out of pattern or beyond pre-agreed parameters.

CuraAlert’s call centre staff watch for alerts 24 hours per day. In the event of an alert being generated, we will contact you to establish your immediate condition. If we cannot contact you, we will try to contact those near and dear to you in order from a pre-agreed list. Only when we are sure that you are safe and that your support network is responding will the alert will be concluded.


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  • Alerts generated and responded to in real time, around the clock
  • CuraAlert operates at home and away from home*
  • Alert parameters can be changed on request
  • Full dashboard access to alert history and analysis of generation
  • Alerts can be forwarded to health professionals
  • Alert generation and conclusion notifications sent to contacts