Health monitoring solutions 24 hours per day at home or away

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CuraGuard is a health and wellbeing monitoring system which enables people with health concerns and those returning from hospital or other clinical settings to return home earlier, regain their independence quicker, remain in their homes for longer and reduce the likelihood of readmission. With CuraGuard, you are under observation 24 hours a day without even knowing it.

  • Monitoring

    Health and wellbeing is a 24/7 concern for anyone with a long term or chronic health condition or those whose health is no longer as robust as it once was.

  • Alerts

    Powered by real-time monitoring and dashboard access, CuraAlert keeps watch over you around the clock and informs family and friends if you need their help.

  • Reminders

    The ability to send audible, visual and haptic reminders for medication, appointments, blood sugar checks or any other event you need to be aware of.

  • Fall Protection

    Included is an intelligent, adaptive and highly accurate fall detection system, utilising input from a wide array of sensor systems.