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Curaguard forms Global Integration Partnership with Physitrack 

August 20, 2020    

Curaguard is an intelligent and integrated healthcare platform that continuously and remotely monitors and measures patients’ vital signs regardless of location. Post musculoskeletal injury or surgery, Curaguard’s validated motion capture technology enables range of motion tracking and facilitates remote assessment by the managing clinician. We track adherence to rehabilitation in real time, deliver service efficiencies, and contribute to improving clinical outcomes.  

Today Curaguard announces it has partnered with Physitrack, the global patient connectivity and Telehealth provider, to deliver technology for remote patient engagement, outcomes tracking and Telehealth via mobile and web apps.  

Curaguard’s vision is to provide a virtual care platform that helps people around the globe engage and manage their current health conditions and provide them with the tools to plan for and mitigate future health risks. Ultimately giving people the ability to take control of their health.  

“We’re excited about this partnership. It’s perfect timing for us and our evolution as a company. Our focus is on a very specific part of the patient’s rehabilitation process and by combining Physitrack’s core solutions, it allows us to offer a full circle virtual care model for those patients needing physical therapy. Physitrack has paved the way in how to develop and deliver innovative solutions to the rehabilitation market across the globe. We’re looking forward to working together to help revolutionize this space.” – Chris Benson, Co-Founder 

Says Henrik Molin, CEO and co-founder of Physitrack: “We are excited to have this opportunity with Curaguard to reach new care delivery markets with our clinical tools; especially our combined specialized Telehealth and home exercise prescription solutions, which will be imbedded inside of Curaguard’s solution for an optimized clinician and patient experience” 

About Curaguard (

Curaguard is a privately held company located in Shropshire, England and Los Angeles, California. Established in 2016, Curaguard launched its first product into the market in partnership with the NHS for a dementia pilot. From there, the focus has been on evolving the platform to support enterprise level scalability and building the structure to support our mission.  

About Physitrack (

Physitrack is a world leader in Virtual Care technology provision that has customers in over 100 countries using its Exercise Prescription, specialized Telehealth and Outcomes tracking solution with several million patients yearly.